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Dome cameras

Efficient and discreet observation protect, objects
Priority securable areas require the use of cameras, which not only ensure adequate application functionality, but also will ensure a high level of camouflage entire system monitoring. In view of professional security systems company has developed a reliable HD IP dome cameras enable discreet observation day and night.

Dome cameras HDiP brand is a high performance device designed to work hour
within the IP network monitoring infrastructures. Thanks to its small size and high strength and resistance to external impact of weather conditions IP dome cameras are an indispensable link in any security system vision.

Functionality HDiP cameras monitoring 24 hours a day allows the individual to configure which method of capturing images and fine-tuning of optical cameras for spatial specificity of the protected space. With the built-in lenses with a large range of adjustment it is possible to easily manipulate the value of the focal length and precise determination of the angles
and treatment time ranges. Cameras with freely adjustable lenses ensure the effectiveness of monitoring.

Why HD IP Camera?

Network Camera brand HD IP
is not only equipped with high-performance megapixel image sensors to protect, detailed observations of objects,
but also intelligent IP surveillance system components,
that automate and give effect to security systems.

Good image sensor
in conjunction with an automated calibration system ensures accurate archiving of recordings
24 hours a day.

Modern cameras HDiP use in video recording capabilities wide performance image sensors Panasonic and Aptina.
Tested and found solutions ensure reliable performance monitoring cameras
and the high quality of the video recorded in high quality HD and Full HD. The transmitter is a guarantee megapixel clarity and detail of visual protection system.

Professional network cameras provide each user with the ability to individually configure the monitoring system based on motion-detection system.
Dome Cameras HDiP support advanced motion detection function,
which will allow the use of intelligent video archiving initiation when the camcorder detects the moving objects.

Personalized observation of each place is one of the determinants of a good monitoring system. The precise determination of security priorities to particular areas of the protected space is possible using the functions privacy zones. With the help of a network IP camera brands HDiP system supports real privacy masks will be directing all attention to the monitoring of critical points of the protected object.

One of the many advantages of modern IP cameras brands HDiP is a comprehensive set of advanced features that allow for self-adaptation of the method of observation. Dzięki kamerze z systemem Mirror i ;Flip realne stanie się uzyskanie pożądanego sposoby obserwacji bez względu na ;rzeczywiste położenie kamery.

IP Dome Cameras branded logo HD-IP have been designed taking into account the many stringent functional requirements. Regardless of your preferred model cameras,
These devices hold a high protection class demonstrating insensitivity to the effects of extreme weather conditions. The thoughtful design of the housing and resistance provide reliable installation of the cameras, even in hard to reach places.

With extensive suite of modern technologies and advanced functions of monitoring, dome cameras successfully complement the monitoring systems operating within
protect, and outdoor facilities.

HDIP Dome cameras are the ideal solution for professional security systems.