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Bullet Cameras

Effective Video Surveillance hour
New and innovative HD IP bullet cameras for day and night surveillance are high quality devices equipped with a set of cutting-edge technology and innovative applications enabling fully automated operation of the cameras in the heterogeneous environment observation. With the availability of powerful IR illuminators real to preserve the effectiveness of the monitoring system around the clock.

IP cameras bearing the company logo HDiP equipped with powerful transducers megapixel, whose quality allows for smooth recording video in high resolution image. Support for modern standards of capturing video is a guarantee of reliability and functionality of network cameras IP cameras.

Powerful IR LED illuminators built-in in cameras allows to ;maintain effective surveillance at night without the need for use extra, external sources of illumination. The technology used for the production of infrared illuminators ensure the efficiency of its observations with complete discretion operation of the camera. Light ;from infrared range is not ;visible for human eye, , so HD IP network cameras with ;IR reflectors in ;maximum effective level will accomplish the need of precise surveillance for secured places and ;objects.

Why HD IP Camera?

Network Camera brand HD IP
is not only equipped with high-performance megapixel image sensors to protect, detailed observations of objects,
but also intelligent IP surveillance system components,
that automate and give effect to security systems.

Powerful image sensor
in collaboration with the innovative technologies provide precise video recording
archiving recordings from monitoring.

Modern cameras HDiP use in video recording capabilities wide performance image sensors Panasonic and Aptina.
Tested and found solutions ensure reliable performance monitoring cameras
and the high quality of the video recorded in high quality HD and Full HD. The transmitter is a guarantee megapixel clarity and detail of visual protection system.

Effective observation of the clock requires the use of the best solutions to ensure uninterrupted operation of cameras for day and night. Among the wide range of HD IP network cameras are devices equipped with a mechanical IR filter. With its intelligent filters ICR camera automatically controls the range of light reaching to the transmitter unit and retains liquid crystal image
in each case.

Intelligent automatic white balance adjustment will record clear
and clear image regardless of changing environmental conditions.
The AWB ensure correct color reproduction of the observed scene
and significantly affect the effectiveness of the monitoring system.

Continuous Image Archiving hour is a task, that successfully implement camera-enabled Active Noise Cancellation. This technology allows for detailed analysis of the recorded image and permanently protect it against the occurrence of the so-called. smearing effect. Camera developed by HD IP provide full support for features digital noise reduction.

The advantage of the use of technology IR light is also harmonious cameras work by 24 hours
daily. Thanks to special light detectors, that are located on device housing, it is possible ;to achieve fully automated system that takes control over infrared illuminator and ensures recording clear and lucid video recordings in ;every situation.

The effectiveness of this solution does not require the intervention each time the configuration of the installed hardware and provides the user with comfort monitoring network IP cameras.
Reliability and rich functionality of intelligent IR LED illuminators makes, that these devices ;are today the true determinant of high quality bullet cameras for day & night surveillance.

HDIP Bullet Cameras are the perfect solution for professional security systems