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Recorders 4 -; 8 channel

Professional management monitoring system
Śaverage size of video surveillance systems that require security systems due;protect the whole critical access points in the area of ​​the observed object. Effectiveness;Continuous operation of video surveillance structures will provide a network of modern IP cameras in real time recording and transferujących audio-visual signals to the monitoring center.

Due recordings capture service, and each of the synchronized video cameras provided;is a powerful NVR. HDiP wideorecordery network devices designed to;Operating Hour zgrywających megapixel image;in;Technology;Full;HD.

Devices are equipped with powerful control systems that allow individual to perform many;processes;at the same time. The use of multiple advanced features of service and;automated control allows for more flexible structures to protect the video and exercise precise control over the cameras used.

Why HDIP recorders?

NVR Network HDiP brand is not only a multi-purpose device designed to provide comprehensive service megapixel IP cameras, but;especially high structure foundation monitoring.

Good video recorder in combination with;modern cameras ensures precise and continuous archiving recordings in high image quality and;Sound.

Professional Series HD IP video recorders stand out using the best components and the availability of a number of core technologies for trouble-free operation of equipment by 24 hours a day. NVR function in;Based on the multi-tasking operating mode Pentaplex. Use of the system properties Pentaplex creates simultaneous recording, play and share video from the cameras on the local network and the Internet.

Modern video NVR allows to record the high image quality;the smallest demand for storage space. HDiP brand recorders use in;Advanced backup data compression codec H264, whose;use;allows you to;a significant reduction in the size of the recordings from monitoring at;maintaining the quality of the output image. H.264 compression method is a standard for high-performance CCTV installation.

Motion detection system makes it possible to automatically start the registration process cameras, the detection of moving objects within the alarm zones protect,. Prevents automated recorder work effectiveness of security installations and provides a level of comfort with CCTV.

HD IP Network Recorders continuously generate two parallel data streams, which are used by the devices cooperating to present current camera preview. This solution not only allows the simultaneous display of the image of;camera on your computer, but also enables the remote display on the screens of mobile recording mobile devices.

HDiP advantage recorders are also ample opportunities for archiving audio-visual. There is both an opportunity for local collection of information on internal drives and portable USB storage media, and remote data transfer via ethernet. The freedom to access and manage recordings for added comfort around the DVR and CCTV.

NVR IP HD logo signed provide seamless support for network cameras by cooperating 24 hours a day. Reliability handling equipment allows you to keep monitoring the effectiveness of operating and maintaining a high level of safety of the protected place of installation.

Attractive appearance, full support for cameras, advanced functionality and comfort make, videorejestratory that HD-IP are the foundation of professional security systems.


HDIP network recorders are the perfect solution for professional security systems.