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Modern network recorders HDiP brand is the perfect tool for comprehensive service and fully professional video surveillance system management.


Recorders support to 8 kamer megapixelowych pozwalają na sprawną obsługę instalacji wideomonitoringu w ;miejscach o średniej wielkości zabezpieczanej powierzchni. Videorejestratory HDIP wyposażone są ;in;szereg rozwiązań technicznych gwarantujących nie tylko niezawodność pracy, but the use of equipment and comfort.

  • Compact size
  • Independent Camera Support
  • Reliable monitoring during the day and at night


Extensive video surveillance systems require collateral proper functioning of individual cameras for monitoring. HDiP brand recorders are characterized by a high degree of efficiency, independent support for all video and audio sources and the support of modern technologies of intelligent system management.

  • Aesthetic design
  • High efficiency
  • Professional supervision of the system


The decision to choose network DVRs HDiP brand does not only guarantee reliable operation of the equipment, but also a full range of support and care service provided by the duration of the contract.

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